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Content marketing can be a blessing and a curse to B2B buyers. They have more infomation than ever at their fingertips, but are incresingly frustrated at having to wade through volumes to find what is of real value to them. Context is now everything

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Creating viral content that grabs people's imagination and interest is the holy grail for many marketers. It often requires the aligning of several factors-if you crack it, the rewards can be huge.

Content marketing is fast getting out of control. It’s estimated that 1.5 billion pieces of content are generated every day, in a myriad of forms. So making yours stand out is vital

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Brands are in constant search of ways to increase engagement with their audiences and video can be one of the options. Discover the role of video content marketing in B2B marketing and storytelling.

Content marketing that delivers against its objectives can only come from having a defined content marketing strategy in place. Five steps to set you on the right path.

How the right approach to your content marketing strategy can nurture B2B buyers further through the sales funnel and make the sales teams job easier.

As content marketing grows ever more sophisticated in its approach, we pose the question, with the right content marketing strategy could it ever replace the sales function in altogether?

As 2014 closes we take a look at some key trends that we believe will come to the fore in content marketing during the next 12 months

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This is going to sound funny coming from one who makes a living developing and presenting all types of content – but it’s all getting a bit too much.

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How you design and deliver your message is just as important as what you’re saying. Digital users have high expectations. In fact, 78% of consumers leave a site when content isn’t digitally friendly

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Some people say that they don’t need too much design because their blog is nothing more than just pure text. What do they think web design is all about? Well, it’s not all about fancy graphics…

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Need to be careful what we say now with a heading like that! There are a number of drivers behind the statement including pressure on time, volumes of content and reduced attention spans.

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Video is fast becoming the preferred choice for how customers and brands interact. Easy and fast to consume, video can engage, inform, educate or even entertain.

That’s all you’re asking customers to do. Sit back and watch your news, watch your products, and most importantly, sit back and quickly learn about what your brand can do for them

Content is king! But, in order to present content in the best possible way, it's important to implement inspiring design across all types of communications.

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Since the term content marketing was first used one thing is for sure – the amount of content being produced has grown at incredible rates. So how do you get your content to stand out?

In today's noisy social media world, good content isn't enough to make an impact. The savvy B2B marketers are recognising that content needs to be incredible, on-strategy and should incite action.

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We all share a common problem - more information than time. So, when you set out to generate marketing content ask yourself five core questions.

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Trying to make sense of the mountains of data and oceans of information that we’re exposed to on a daily basis is an enormous challenge. Infographics may well be the answer.

Proper Planning Prevents P@!! Poor Performance. True in most things but especially in Content Marketing. Random content will get you nowhere; everything needs a reason and purpose.

With 60% of internet access now made via a mobile device (Inmobi), adopting a responsive approach to all your online media is now a must not a nice to have.

The right content marketing strategy can ensure your brand is right there at each stage in what can be a protracted buying cycle for technology purchasing.

The technology industry LOVES speaking in jargon, but it’s not about the technology iteslf, it's about the business challenge it addresses.

Content marketing that delivers against its objectives can only come from a defined content marketing strategy. Five steps to set you on the right path.

Your buyers are on a journey and your content marketing should accompany them on it. With the correct content marketing strategy you can be right there, every step of the way, and when the decisions get made.

Could the exponential growth in B2B marketing's scope and scale be the architect of its own downfall?

The GSMA choose e-book technology to share best practices employed by Mobile Network Operators in pursuit of digital commerce.

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Everyone loves a great story - as true in business as it is in our personal lifes. But what are B2B brands favourite ways of telling theirs?

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Things that used to be merely a dream are becoming a reality faster than ever before. Printing in 3D is a great example.

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With lines between B2B and B2C marketing getting ever more blurred and information overload in all media channels, how do you get your brand’s message to stand out?