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Brand refresh

Brands now find themselves in a constant state of evolution or “rebranding”. Before embarking on an actual rebrand, answer these (surprisingly tough) questions with real honesty.

brand value arrow drawing

Customers are impatient to see the value of your brand upfront – great content is not enough.

b2b branding outside in thinking

Discover why brands should adopt ‘outside-in’ thinking, using customer insight to guide development and strategy

As the battle for attention amongst B2B buyers rages, brand awareness remains one of the top priorities, only just falling behind the ubiquitous “lead generation/nurturing”

Truly market-leading ‘Alpha’ brands share a common set of attributes that set them apart and become a set of guiding principles that empower the entire business. Here we reveal what they are.

b2b branding image of a boardroom

Branding begins and ends in the marketing department, right? That seems to be the opinion in many boardrooms, who still don’t understand that the entire business operations, activities and behaviour…

b2b brands image different people brand personality

The definition of 'brand' is no different today than it has ever been, but the rising importance of engagement vs. communication means companies need to wrap both arms around the real role of brand…

brand strategy braver brands

The days of mediocrity and bland brands are over. If there is one truth that the revolution in marketing has brought about, this is it. For all the claims that this media or that channel make…

B2B marketing has changed more in the past five years than in the previous 50. But who is setting your brand's agenda - you or the providers who profess to serve you?

evolution of google logo

Flat design is big news in the creative world at the moment and today’s latest flat design trend has seen Google quietly (although not officially) release a logo that’s in the latest Chrome build for…

brand culture and internal communications

Many believe that internal communications is boring and difficult to justify. But if your serious about your brand you need to ensure they engage with it so they can successfully convey it.

One of the cardinal sins in periods of change is not communicating with your employees…

brand change image rail going different directions

Ever felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights when someone mentions the word ‘change’? You won’t be the only one. When faced with the prospect of ‘change’, no matter how big or how small.

marketing strategy vision

Isn't good marketing a matter of leadership, business know-how and most of all Vision?

thought leadership content

When it comes to marketing content there is a lot of emphasis and effort invested in generating so-called Thought Leadership content. But what does it actually mean?

b2b marketing walk a mile shoes

My colleague put the receiver down and her head slumped against the desk. Her hands began scrambling in her drawer for some rope to throw over a beam.

creative design image of a keyboard

With most audiences facing an overwhelming volume of marketing messages B2B brands need to think and act more visually. Perhaps James Blunt was on to something!

brand communications change

Being competitive in today’s environment requires an unprecedented set of extraordinary strengths - and, most importantly a greater understanding of the new hybrid consumer…

creative design services creative image of a head

Interesting one this – and to a degree it depends on your audience. If you believe that they will be rewarded by the level of creativity you are displaying then it’s fine.

brand communications writing on a board

Your people are one of the most overt expressions of your brand and the chances are they communicate more regularly and with deeper impact than most of your marketing communications ever will…

b2b branding image people touching hands

We often hear B2B marketers lamenting how things would be different if they were a B2C brand… if only they had the opportunities afforded to consumer brands…

We offer this (simplified) analogy. Your face is your logo; your clothes are your identity and your personality is your brand. Whilst your face may change over the years it remains the foundation of…