2B Different

We often hear B2B marketers lamenting how things would be different if they were a B2C brand… if only they had the opportunities afforded to consumer brands…

However these comparisons can be misleading. For many B2C brands, especially FMCG, the relationship they have with their audiences is at best transient, at worst fleeting. This is often down to competition – one washing powder is much the same as another and it is therefore the perception and persona surrounding the brand that differentiates it, with any loyalty easily overcome when confronted with price differentials.

When it comes to B2B brands the relationship is founded upon more facts and less fiction. The identification of real differentiation can be more overt and relationships are far more long term and deeper.

So does this mean that B2B brands need to worry less about their brand and concentrate more on their marketing communications?  The short answer is no. With a strong and consistent brand B2B marketers have an additional tool to differentiate with. As business markets become ever more competitive and genuine USP’s harder to find, the strength of B2B brands will become increasingly important.