Technology marketing - The buyers journey

It is widely recognised that the buying cycles and decision-making processes in IT departments are often long and complicated. What makes it worse is that for many, the resources they have at their disposal are restricted, whilst higher performance is constantly demanded.

With the right content marketing strategy you can help address a number of key challenges in the sales process, and move the prospect though the funnel.

According to CEB, buyers are almost 60% of the way through their buying decision before picking up the phone. Much greater emphasis is now placed on a brand’s ability to convince buyers at arms length before they ever get invited further. The right content will be key in steering the decision your way.

Buyers are on a journey from the point where something triggers the need to the time the order is signed, and beyond. Along that journey different issues and considerations will arise and by understanding these and producing content that reflects that particular stage, the brand stays front of mind.

Do sales want leads or sales-ready leads? The answer is of course the latter – the less work they have to do the better! By understanding the journey, content can be produced that nurtures them from suspect, to prospect, to customer.

The need for collaboration between sales and marketing has never been greater. By working together to identify and produce the relevant content both parties’ jobs become that much easier.