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What makes content go viral

Creating viral content that grabs people's imagination and interest is the holy grail for many marketers. It often requires the aligning of several factors but if you crack it, the rewards can be huge, making it the fastest, most cost effective method to publicise your business.

Having experienced many successful viral examples in recent years, I thought I’d share with you some key elements that feature in all.

1. Keep It Simple

Your message should be simple but compelling and without an ounce of excess flab. Get your brand out there… in a good way, ensuring your content is of a high quality

2. Keep It Real

There’s no need to pretend your product or service is something that it's not. If you’re selling septic tanks, for instance, just let the world know that you exist and that you’ve got the best septic tanks in town.

3. Give It Feeling

Touch your audience’s hearts, souls or nerve endings. In a world that tends to be all business, make people laugh out loud, cry or blink in surprise (preferably all three) and you will make them remember you.

4. Share And Care

Connect to common concerns. Project that you share the same view of the world as your audience. Keep the mood positive, even inspirational, and the chances of being liked or forwarded increase.

5. Reach Out

Your goal is to make your product or service meaningful and relevant. A great way to do this is to tailor your message to your audience. Use language, images and, of course, a medium that your intended customers will relate to.

6. Give Something

Offer something in return for your viewers’ or readers’ time and attention. ‘How to (insert topic)’ tips and instructions, discounts or freebies and solid news updates are all ways to provide perceived value, which can then be tied in with your particular business.

7. Bring Clients To You

Make it easy for potential customers to reach you. Make sure that they can get to your online assets including websites, blogs and social networks. In short, you need to have all the bells, whistles (and buttons) for your viewers to easily share your masterpiece.