Content marketing - when less is more

This makes it even harder for those brands that are producing valuable content to their intended audience as it gets drowned under all the rubbish! 

The majority of content produced by brands, be it videos, articles, infographics or papers, fails at the most fundamental of levels – it fails to tell a story or share insight that is useful and has value to their intended audience.

Acquiring and retaining customers through the production of USEFUL content is now fundamental in creating lasting relationships, changing perceptions and behaviour within target groups.

Old but true - To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail

It’s not rocket science, but it is still amazing how much content gets generated with no rhyme nor reason. No tactical plan in place, no overall strategy or segmentation for different audiences. No thought on how the stories inter-relate or build over time, or even work to support SEO.

Books have chapters for a reason

Too much content is as bad as too little. Try to convey too many messages in a single piece of content and people will either lose the plot or lose interest.

Diminishing perspectives

Many brands still fall at the first hurdle in other forms of marketing let alone content - starting their story from their own perspective rather than of the customers. Empathy = engagement.

Be a lifeline in the ocean of content

In the face of overwhelming volumes of content we will all become increasingly selective about the brands whose content we value. Those brands will be the ones that offer us understanding, information and insight in what and how they share their content with us.

Make sure you are one of them.