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Sit back and watch’ that’s all you’re asking customers to do. Sit back and watch your news, watch your products, and most importantly, sit back and quickly learn about what your brand can do for them.

Video marketing is without doubt turning into one of the hot elements of any marketing communications strategy and, its value and impact on lead generation, conversion and customer loyalty is continuing to show signs of growth. In fact, according to Adobe’s latest reports, already 61% of digital marketers are citing video as the top optimisation strategy for conversions.

There has been in the past few years a shift on how customers and brands interact, with the most successful marketers proving to be those that understand the new marketing reality and have therefore adjusted their communication strategies to accommodate the demands of a dynamic digital world.

Whether it is already part of your strategy or yet to be fully integrated, here are some key elements you need to considerer when producing high-quality, effective video content:

Start at the beginning

The strategy: with clear vision comes great content. Defining at the outset what your key goals are (awareness, visibility, lead generation, conversion, information, education…), will help you direct your content, determine the levels of engagement and therefore increase the value of your video content.

Know your audience

Know who your audience is and what their needs are. Different audiences will require different levels of engagement, at different stages in the customer lifecycle (Reach, Acquire, Develop, Retain and Inspire). Knowing and understanding your audience will help you deliver video content that inspires an action.

Convey ideas with messages that matter

Clear objectives and a true insight into your audience needs will help you direct your content. One size doesn’t fit all. Different audiences will require different approaches to content. Sharing generic content simply doesn’t work; businesses need to deliver a more tailored/personalised content in order to achieve higher engagement. Personalisation, care, loyalty are the key words.

Focus on owning the media, not renting it

With today’s array of channels, understanding which channels are more appropriate for your brand and target audience is crucial. Each channel has different features and characteristics – from niche networks to professional ones, the sky is the limit. Understand you audience needs and place the video where your audience is.

And finally, unveil your true differentiation: video concepts don’t have to be dull. Pick the right video type for your purpose and just let your brand speak for itself. Think about the best way to make your video content stand out, eliminate the noise/clutter and engage your audience with a relevant and compelling message. Remember, what you’re saying may not be unique, but how you say it can be.

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