Great design WILL help your content marketing

Some people say that they don’t need too much design because their blog is nothing more than just pure text. What do they think web design is all about? Well, it’s not all about fancy graphics, textures and flashy effects.

Design is every single character on your blog, a space between your paragraphs, an underlined link or your background colour. Design is both what you see and what you don’t see. Design evokes emotions and can create unforgettable user experiences.

The heavy-content websites like blogs and online magazines require more design and are more difficult to lay out than any other kind of website.

A good design can help you spread your content, attract a larger audience and improve the conversion.

Improve reading experience

You spend time and money on producing awesome content, right? However, you can write the most interesting articles on the web but nobody is going to read it if you use a light gray 11 pixels font on a white background. 

A good design can make the reading process a very pleasurable experience and engage your audience in a way that will convince them to return. Bigger font size, shorter paragraphs and illustrations/imagery can pique your reader’s interest. Whatever your conversion target is, a good design can help you achieve your goal or multiply the results.

Define your visual brand

Branding is not reserved for big companies. You’re never too small. You should keep a consistent look and feel between your blog, online products, email newsletters and/or any other form of communication. The brand is not merely a logo somewhere in the corner. A good brand should describe the type styles, colours and even spacing between the elements.

In summary, design is much more than just pretty graphics. A well-designed blog can help you improve the reading experience and increase the conversion rate. Moreover, you should look deeper and carefully to how you design your own visual brand so it builds trust and makes your content recognizable. Keep in mind that most people make their decisions based on their emotions and gut feelings. If you want them back, they need to feel good whenever they are engaging with your brand. You can easily achieve this through a great visual experience.

Happy reading!