Increasingly, data has a geographic dimension. Gathering and deploying this geographical data has become critical to business decision-making across the enterprise.


The rise of the digital world – mass computing


Promote geographic information as a key dimension of business analytics within a series of vertical sectors including government, insurance, utilities and retail.


In the era of Big Data - where information is insight - Esri UK’s Geographic Information Systems needed to promote their capabilities as an integral and important part of the decision-making ecosystem. The message was not about the maps or the technology itself, it was about what kind of insight these location analysis solutions could offer.

Location analytics provided a new platform for the established technology and we used it as the springboard to create content and engagement that mapped the geographic insight to the issues faced by the individual audiences.


Developing content and engagement programmes that contextualised the offering in a relevant and non-technical way for key verticals was key. The diversity of the requirements produced a multi-faceted range of solutions. From B2B programmes in traditional channels and media, to the introduction of a new kind of business model with a B2B app store, alongside consumer facing interactive and business training tools. The overall outcome saw ESRI enhance its reputation as a market leader in GIS solutions.

On the right track