Executing an effective integrated campaign demands planning. This briefing document will provide a strong foundation.


Integrated Campaign Briefing Guide

Your approach to a campaign brief has a dramatic impact on the eventual outcome.

We’ve taken a fresh look at how to go about creating such a brief, providing a sequential Q&A format that will enable you to establish a clearer starting point from which your campaign can be developed.

Used in conjunction with The Integrated Campaign guide, which looks at the key components to be considered when planning a campaign, these tools can be harnessed to improve the effectiveness and ROI of your next campaign.

The Campaign Briefing guide considers:

  • Audience issues and how your offering solves them
  • What you will need to do to prove your case
  • Competitor differentiation
  • Content and its role
  • Sales enablement integration

Our campaign – make them more effective

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integrated marketing campaign briefing document