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Interrogate the customer, not just the data

A report from The Economist – The rise of the marketer explores the journey as marketing moves from being seen as a cost centre to one that generates revenue and profit. Measuring marketing effectiveness is increasingly a priority, and metrics and analytics from digital marketing technologies now provide valuable data.

That’s true, but having read the report I got to thinking – are we in danger of forgetting that it’s a human approach that provides real insight?

In other words, why don’t we just ask the customer:

  • What emails caught their attention
  • What assets did they download?
  • Which events did they attend?
  • What videos or webinars did they watch?
  • What posts did they like or share?
  • What groups on Linked In are they a member of?
  • What aspects of the offering made the brand and its messages irresistible?

It’s clear that the evolving relationship between marketing and sales needs to deliver a more integrated approach, and one way that sales can aid marketing is by asking some basic questions of their new customer. So, strike while the iron is hot. Create your own post purchase survey and don’t be scared to use it. It can be done in person, over the phone or online – although I think this is time for a more personal and less digital approach! Think of it as part of your content marketing mix.

Your new customer will be impressed that you value their opinion, adding to the positive aura that already surrounds the brand. And not only will you get valuable insight into the most effective ways to attract other customers, you’ll have a greater understanding of your new customer and how you can grow your relationship and revenue from them.