Successful campaigns integrate online activity with off, inbound with out and sales with marketing. This guide explains why.


Integrated Campaign Guide

We have moved beyond thinking of campaigns as using one media or channel, of being either online or off. Now, the most effective campaigns integrate any number of activities, each with its own priorities but working to a common strategy with a shared objective.

Most campaigns integrate a mix of owned, paid and earned channels, with lead generation being a key objective for most brands.

The Integrated Campaign guide looks at the key elements to consider when planning a campaign. Used in conjunction with the Integrated Campaign Briefing guide, these components build a strong foundation from which to generate success from your next campaign (while also saving you money).

  • The importance of segmentation and targeting
  • The key to engagement
  • The content pool and what should be in it
  • Analytics: measurement leads to effectiveness
  • Sales enablement integration

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