Your content should accompany your prospects and customers on their journey to purchase. This guide shows you how.


The Content Marketing Companion

Successful content marketing demands a (documented) content strategy and requires investment on a number of levels in order to be effective.

It’s widely accepted that whilst your marketing will include content on many topics, including that which promotes your brand’s own agenda, the content that will get the most traction is shaped around your customers’ needs, issues and ambitions.

The Content Marketing Companion explores the journey from prospect to advocate and looks at how your content should evolve along the way. It includes:

  • Understanding the seven-stage buyer journey
  • Making your content offer both personal and professional value
  • Why brand awareness is still the No.1 priority
  • Why content is as important for customers as it is for prospects
  • How your content will need to address the different members of the decision-making unit

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