The social switch-off

With increasing amounts of invasive content and media in mainstream social media, at what point do we reach such a saturation of content that we all tune out? 6 months, a year, 2 years?

More to the point, what will happen to social channels when we do? Currently many marketers are scrambling to distribute their content via social channels for all manner of reasons - engagement, insight, and immediacy. Many are for the wrong reasons, including the misconception that it’s “free marketing”.

One possible outcome is that we all tune out of the generic social media and tune into paid for social portals where the media owner does not need to monetise their channel as it’s paid for – dare I say it, by us, its subscribers.

Content is then streamed from the brands we have opted into and it’s down to each brand to deliver value with its content not just thinly disguised marketing messages.

One thing is for sure; even before many brands have come to terms with the basics of social marketing, change is on the horizon.