Space invasion

Certain forms of media could, in future, be perceived as being too invasive, with brands using them causing themselves more harm than good. Feelings of intrusion will be prompted by growing pressure on peoples’ time and their increasing intolerance of things that stand in the way of getting the information they want.

For example, you visit a news website to watch a video on a story you are interested in, only to be confronted by a 10 second ad for a vacuum cleaner that you have to circumnavigate before eventually getting to the 20 second clip you wanted to see. A negative brand experience indeed – the message in the ad would have had to be pretty special to overcome this interruption.

We may become more accepting of these interruptions, as we have with TV and Radio advertising, tolerating them as the price we pay for accessing information immediately and in the media of our choice. However, consideration needs to be given to the potential pitfalls when choosing certain media as part of your next campaign.