B2B Marketing – let’s keep this simple

It appears that marketing is intent on making itself more and more complicated. New media and channels seem to appear every hour as those with a vested interest in its complexity flood the market with self-serving ideas that fuel the flames – all the while appearing to be on the side of brands, ROI and marketing effectiveness – you know who they (you) are.

Meanwhile, brands are still wrestling with the same challenges they always have:

  • Increase awareness
  • Grow business from existing customers while defending them from the attentions of others.
  • Attract new customers including those of their competitors. 
  • Prove marketing effectiveness and ROI
  • Execute marketing across an ever-expanding marketing universe, despite having a budget that’s never going to keep up.
    • So what’s the answer we hear you ask? - Simples.

      Or should we say simplicity. Marketing is as complicated as YOU want to make it. Align your business and brand with your customers’ needs now and in the future. Talk to them about their issues and the value you add in meeting them. Then hang out in the places they hang out, engaging through the media they prefer. Make sure their experiences of the brand not only live up to the promises you’ve made but exceed their expectations.

      Strip away the perceived complexity of marketing and keep it simple. You and your customers will appreciate it. Simplified communication will increase the understanding of what you do and the value you bring, enhance your brand’s relationships with employees, shareholders, influencers and customers and ultimately lead to increased sales and profitability.

      However, one final warning courtesy of Mr Jobs “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”