Micro-messaging - it all adds up

New ways for people to connect, gather information, share and collaborate are emerging every day as digital media and channels media find different ways of penetrating our lives. Meanwhile the creation and manipulation of media keeps evolving to become multi-touch, multi-purpose, multi-engaging…

As media consumption becomes more personalised; brands are being forced to embark on a new era where inspirational ‘online’ experiences are central to success. An era where customisation and deep personalisation are achieved when the message is strong, solid and most importantly Relevant – after all ‘Content is (still) King’.

However, what is different now is that although interactions are still focused on the message itself, today they need to be a hybrid message for a hybrid individual – a message that does not differ according to the channel being used (online vs. offline) or in the media through which it is consumed, but one that creates inspirational experiences that happen through engagement that occurs naturally and at a personal level – one that bonds audiences to brands.

The diversity of today’s social media channels present brands with an unprecedented number of opportunities for visibility, accessibility, growth, efficiency. However, with that comes the increased need to balance the value between engagement/responsiveness and care towards your customers, your brand followers.

Amplification is the word – Amplification of Interactions, Experiences, Knowledge… and, most crucially, ‘Amplification’ of the need to answer customer’s ‘Amplified’ demands.

Understanding what to communicate, where and how to amplify a fragment or sequence of communications and, at what level is crucial to success. 

George Patton once said that "A good solution applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later." That sums up the essence of effective engagement - a combination of correct content and use of media, applied at the right moment and created with enough flexibility to be adapted/modified based on real-time responses.